"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education”.

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KEYS’s mission is to bring one-to-one instrument lessons
and group music instruction to under-served inner-city
children in Bridgeport, CT who have no other access to
this empowering life experience.

Watch our video and learn more about what we do:


KEYS music students belong to a musical community:
KEYS offers a unique musical experience for students with our comprehensive music program of instrument lessons (“Music for Life”), after-school practice sessions, group music instruction and workshops, a non-audition KEYS Orchestra and KEYS Band at Bridgeport’s Klein Auditorium, and summer programs. 

Our “Music for Life” lessons program provides one-to-one instrument lessons in cello, piano, violin, viola, clarinet, flute, saxophone, recorder, drums, trumpet, and popular and classical guitar, taught by experienced instructors to children whose families do not have the means to pay for music instruction.

KEYS is dedicated to providing free quality music instruction:

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity and access to learning to play an instrument and studying music, as music changes lives!  Research shows that music instrument instruction enhances fine motor skills, improves recall and retention of verbal information, advances math achievement, improves average SAT scores, and strengthens perseverance. Moreover, students who study the arts have higher academic achievement and tend toward greater civic and social involvement. 

Education without music is incomplete:
Bridgeport’s public school children are deprived of a meaningful musical experience because of budget constraints. Even though it lies in the heart of affluent Fairfield County, Bridgeport schools have some of Connecticut’s poorest performing schools, so its children start out behind the curve, in a state with the country’s worst academic achievement gap, frequently living at or below the poverty line. KEYS provides mentors, role models, teachers, and a means for its students to develop intellectually, culturally, and socially. Music teaches them to believe in themselves, be part of a team, and gives them a reason to stay in school. 


Four kids in a hallway:

Rob Silvan, a musician with over 35 years of experience, started teaching four Bridgeport children at Columbus School in 2004. The school lacked a piano and music room, so he taught his students in a hallway on his keyboard. The demand by other children for music lessons was immediate. Today, KEYS is working to meet this demand. 


KEYS partners with other non-profits:
KEYS has partnered with several non-profit organizations to deliver music programs, including the Klein Auditorium, the Suzuki Music Schools of Westport and Orange, Horizons at Greens Farms Academy and Sacred Heart University, the Fairfield Theatre Company, BackCountry Jazz, and the Cardinal Shehan Center.

KEYS needs you!

KEYS, a 501(c)(3) organization, relies on individual donors as well as donations and grants from foundations and businesses with an interest in supporting the Bridgeport, CT community.

KEYS needs:
            -  funding for teachers and instruments    
            -  volunteers to work with children 
            -  volunteers to host fundraising concerts
            -  donations of gently-used instruments