Sfyria Trio at Talmadge Hill Church - Sat June 23

Sfyria Trio is a Chicago/Brooklyn-based free-improvising ensemble comprised of Sam Decker on tenor saxophone, Charlie Kirchen on bass, and Matt Carroll on drums. Drawing on influences from jazz, certain strains of twentieth century classical music, and various folk traditions, the group sculpts delicately textured improvisations that seamlessly navigate a variety of sonic worlds. 

On Saturday, June 23 at 7:30 pm, the group will present a benefit concert for the KEYS music program at Talmadge Hill Community Church, 870 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd, Darien, CT. Kirchen, who was raised in Darien, is especially excited for the rare opportunity to perform in his home town. “I had countless formative musical experiences while taking piano lessons in that room as a teenager,” Kirchen says. “It is going to be really special to throw some sounds around that chapel again after all these years. The intimacy of the space and its lively acoustic personality will be a perfect match for the way this group approaches making music.”   Donations for KEYS accepted at the door - suggested donation $20.

Hear Sfyria's music here.   https://sfyriatrio.bandcamp.com/releases

Laurie Bradbury