“I like the variety of music and instruments.” 
Fifth grade student

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“Music can change the world because it can change people." 

Our Mission

KEYS’s mission is to bring instrument lessons and group music instruction to under-served children in Bridgeport, CT who have no other access to this empowering life experience.

KEYS agrees with the many studies that have demonstrated that children benefit intellectually, emotionally, and socially from musical instruction. In providing this opportunity, KEYS serves this community in a unique and important manner.

KEYS' professional music instructors work in partnership with school administrators and teachers who excuse students from class (not during reading or math) once each week for a private music lesson on the piano, cello, viola, alto sax, flute, trumpet, clarinet, classical guitar, or violin. Several times a year KEYS students perform in school recitals, and an orchestra program and intensive workshops are available on Saturdays

Music gives our students an opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments, build self-confidence, and extend the impact of the program to the broader student body. Studies show that children with music instruction do better in school, achieve higher test scores and are more likely to stay in school and even attend college. Students who participate in the KEYS program are happier, more focused, and better students.

KEYS employs fully trained music educators, and provides musical instruments and music for its students. KEYS is always exploring opportunities to collaborate with other non-profit organizations like the Fairfield Theatre Company, Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, the Klein Auditorium, Backcountry Jazz, and Horizons to expand and enrich the musical experience of its students.